Trends in contemporary design - a winning color trio.

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  • The winning color trio.

    Cheerful colors bail warm atmosphere.

    There are several major design trends of apartments. Ironically, they are completely opposite to each other. While some designers recommend to give preference to white, the other - a bright saturated colors, while others, in general, range of metallic shades.

    Trends in contemporary design - a winning trio of color

    This is all interesting ideas, and all have a right to exist, but the design of the apartment you select only. Do not be afraid to experiment. The combination of pink, yellow and orange - one of the tendencies of modern design. Piquancy as decorating will add the use of these colors together or separately.

    Lampshade, wallpaper, curtains, pillows or a few of these flowers add intrigue the general character of the room. If your room in shades of white, blue, cream, beige or yellow, there is nothing better than to decorate its accessories cheerful colors. Beauty in contrasts! So you add the style of your room more style and originality.

    Trends in contemporary design - a winning trio of color

    Bedroom, in turn, should be a room that is well placed to rest. Even if you usually resort to the white and blue, and sometimes to a clear yellow, it does not hurt to add a few strong colors of notes. In this case, choose three colors.

    Pink to room seem more feminine, yellow for warmth and a calming effect, orange for the originality and tonic. Accessories make the transition from one organic color to another. The easiest way - to paint my old dresser in the style of the Bayadere, combining pink, orange and yellow.

    Or buy some bright pillows. Choose a dominant color and use it a bit more than others. Parents like to use the pink my daughter in the nursery and the blue of his son. This is true, but add orange, and your child will fall asleep in the room, breathable warmth.

    Trends in contemporary design - a winning trio of color

    Yellow spreads the light curtain with light shades of orange and makes a comfortable dark room. In addition, children will look more fun with tri-colored accessories, shelves and a bed. And finally, the bathroom. This - the laboratory of whiteness, smoothness and a certain coldness. But today the fashion joy and warmth. Even the bathroom!

    To produce a cheerful design, hang a mirror in an old wooden frame decorated with pink, dark room furniture shall describe the orange or yellow, and the rug by the three colors at once! Get a very original way.


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