Trends in Contemporary Design - Tastes of the day.

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  • Flavors of the day.

    As time passed unchanged, static interiors. Today, apartment settling under their own volition (often harmony with the general mood of your favorite time of year). However, there are some nuances.

    Each year, forming new ways to create a comfortable design with new colors, competing with each other. Bold colors, soft and serene, create 6 basic color schemes to form a decoration.

    Trends in Contemporary Design - Tastes of the day

    These palettes will help you select the dominant color, color accents. One for the painting of walls and ceilings for others. Retro style has a palette of gilt-tanning bark, chocolate. As well as all the colors in the actual 60s.

    At the heart of serene style are subtle shades of beige and brown, and pale green. If you prefer blue, green and pink, your style - Tropical. Natural soft sand tones inherent in the traditional style.

    To bring warmth to the urban interior, active use of color: bright green, beige and blue. Then, the overall design will turn out in cosmopolitan style. Dive into the red, green, pink and violet lighting design will add style chic.

    Determination of modern classics:

    The interior in the spirit of the age of Louis XlV is ideal for those who do not know what to do with the family of his furniture. Chairs of the 18th century, 19th-dressers - the forms past epochs is not difficult to transform according to modern ideas (with the help of plastic materials and lacquered wood.)

    Bold contrasts to revive former. Chairs of the late 19th - early 20th century, you seem too modest obtyanite their material with large bright flowers.

    Country style:

    Trends in Contemporary Design - Tastes of the day

    Such a style preference, if you dream to recreate the atmosphere apartment, where most attention is given to subtlety and tenderness of colors. Gentle enough to choose colors, shiny brown shades. Use natural materials such as lime. You can decorate the original seat cushion and bedding.

    Choose raw materials, natural. More cotton! Key accessories - a wooden items made under the old cane products. This is a simple and at the same time, elegant trend.

    Sustained manner:

    More game trend. The interior is cheerful. It's fun combined with seasoned materials and colors. It is important psychedelic and geometry. In such a design, each face 50's, 60's and 70's decade.


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