Trends in Contemporary Design - interior decoration.

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  • Interior decoration.

    Décor: The original furniture and accessories.

    Designers are advised to select the accessories you choose to size of the apartment, its form and materials used. In a small room it is desirable that all parts are made from natural materials.

    Trends in Contemporary Design - Interior Decorating

    Accessories themselves, in order to dilute the certainty of a small space, and be interesting fuzzy, sometimes amorphous form. Today it is fashionable to use in the formation of the original interior hardware. In the manufacture of metal furniture designers pay special attention to the traditions of the region of Slovakia.

    Trends in Contemporary Design - Interior Decorating

    Combining the old ways of working with metal and modern, they create things that are not only unique design but also of great practical benefit. Since using these accessories you create an atypical situation, the well thought out fashion and style of all elements of the decor apartment. Make sure that they blend together.

    Modern paintings and drawings are often performed exclusive also of metal. Paintings - the atmosphere of your interior. They - the space in space.

    Trends in Contemporary Design - Interior Decorating

    If you like the idea of ​​a small iron lock, without a mirror in a metal frame is necessary. With it, you duplicate the space, creating the illusion of a window. Most colors and shapes mirror allows you to "shape" space.

    If you are using a variety of metallic elements of decor, framed mirror can be of different materials (not metal). It may be, for example, the skin, which, in turn, if you want pasted the original application.

    Trends in Contemporary Design - Interior Decorating

    In addition, you can not buy bulky metal table and chairs. However, making such items that are made of leather, brass or stone inserts, so they did not look cold and inhospitable. By the way, despite his bizarre appearance, this furniture has a high degree of comfort.

    In addition to all the above, it is necessary to add that the modern interior simply can not do without individually designed lighting. Authors elegant and original forms of lighting products made by hand. Create an asymmetric headlight bribe his unobtrusive.


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