Parquet - How to choose a hardwood floor.

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  • How to choose a hardwood floor.

    Parquet must be of good solid wood, minimum thickness of 2 mm. These are important qualities that contribute to the comfort and warmth in the apartment. Parquet to choose, because of its foundation (it must be natural), width and thickness.

    Parquet - How to choose flooring

    However, it is known that the parquet - not a cheap pleasure. And it's better to make a quality floor in one room than not, but all of them. Remember that in rooms with high humidity (bathroom and kitchen) to lay flooring is not recommended. Consider the regulated and the functional requirements (sound insulation, temperature).

    Parquet - How to choose flooring

    Type of masonry (nail on the reference board, glue) should be the same throughout the room. Laying new flooring in the old should be very careful. For example, the old parquet floor to lay a new broad is not advised. It must be removed so as not to appear floating effect.

    When choosing a hardwood floor is not necessary that you were guided by aesthetic qualities. Not only that. Of course, there is a wide choice of materials: normal and exotic (bamboo, beech, oak). There are many drawings of plates (points, lines and oblique lines).

    Parquet - How to choose flooring

    All this offers the buyer the opportunity of aesthetic pleasure. But the price depending on the features and type of flooring can be increased two-fold. Better not to buy flooring alone, bring a specialist.


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