Design of apartments of the middle class.

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  • Design of apartments of the middle class.

    During the renovation, and, especially, when re-planning, think through the interior of the apartment, not only in terms of its conformity with the tastes of the owners, but also the spirit of modern architectural trends: designer decor, typing (mahogany doors with glass inserts, flooring), kitchen US with an island in the center, etc.

    Design of apartments of the middle class - Features small apartment

    To meet modern standards flat, it must be fully equipped with appropriate technology (microwave, dishwasher, etc.). It is now one of the indicators of modern design are: TV with LCD screen and home theater.

    Bedroom design.

    On the one hand, in the bedroom should not pass meeting the neighbors, on the other hand, are not acceptable to it has registered drowsiness. In general, it should not be passing and boring. According to the teachings of feng shui, it is better to give up TV and phone, what will prevent you from relaxing.

    Design of apartments of the middle class - rooms antistress

    Remember in the bed rest! By the way, lighting greatly affects a person's ability to relax. Contributes to more complete relaxation and well-chosen color scheme. It must be comforting: sky blue, light green, pale yellow or pure white, and with additional decoration and accessories that facilitate the dynamics of (plants, lighting, etc.).

    Designed by a child's room.

    Child's room. The one where we love and cherish lull their babies, see them smiling angels. Room, where they erected a beautiful princesses and castles with warriors, open interesting adventure books. In this room, we parse the mountain of toys and books that treat their small wounds and teach in a school notebook draw their names.

    Design of apartments of the middle class - design a child's room (practical children's room)

    So, Sunday afternoon you are going to create from a simple child's room, a room with a fantastic decor. Do not forget to weigh the possibility of a good children's spaces: an appropriate furnishings, it means spending time, as well as his and your tastes, light sources and their location, age of the child and, of course, budget.

    Bathroom design.

    Today, a bathroom should be appealing and comfortable. To do this, if the bathroom is small, does not encroach on the space it occupies. For example, in the pantry. To get the most use and enjoyment of your bathroom, do it more. Let there be a separate shower, and not fastened over the bath shower.

    Design of apartments of the middle class - Style Bathroom

    Glass shower is the perfect accompaniment to the furniture of solid wood. You can install a small washroom furniture ensemble under the cup and put a flat marble tile length of 60 cm is the optimal size of the square tiles for a small room.

    Kitchen Design.

    Natural style, sharp geometric lines, the rational situation would not be completely harmonious, if not soften their coverage forms. It is used as a decorative element that can create contrast and to place graphic accents.

    Design of apartments of the middle class - Modern Woman

    To achieve this, it is necessary to increase the number of reflecting surfaces. For example, doors with stained glass leaves light undertones on various subjects, bringing to design the whole interior of a room a certain intrigue.

    In the cabinet can be mounted chrome metal plates, which will create a "diamond" effect. The ceiling, decorated with many small glowing light bulbs, will resemble a starry sky.


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