Bathroom design - bathroom style.

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  • Style bathroom.


    Bathroom design - Bathroom Style

    Bath on legs - legs of a lion, a shower shaped like an apple, instead of the shell - the thicket for washing, plumbing ornamented and decorated with patterns or tiled. Retro - it's charm who returned era.


    Bathroom design - Bathroom Style

    The combination of white shades, the predominance of round shapes, the harmony of wood and glass, comfort: in the actual bathroom all seen plenty. Beauty and functionality, calm and invigorating - a fully equipped room for fun.

    Fan Style:

    Bathroom design - Bathroom Style

    Floor and ceiling can be orange, blue or purple. Sometimes the mosaic or make fine scratches. At the heart of a bathroom in the style of Fun is a game of colors.


    Bathroom design - Bathroom Style

    Bring to Japan in 100% natural materials. Zen in the bathroom can be found in how it is subject to space. Zen - a clear clean lines, the harmony of correct color balance of angles and circles. This art is a clear head.

    Sitting bathroom:

    Bathroom design - Bathroom Style

    This bathroom has a very small bottom surface, and accordingly contains a small amount of water. It is not possible to immerse themselves in water.

    Bathroom with corner:

    Bathroom design - Bathroom Style

    Such a bath - the original decision to boudoir medium or large size. In her masterly use of the main corner. Then the bath is the mistress of the entire premises.

    Asymmetrical bath:

    Bathroom design - Bathroom Style

    The wider portion at the head and is much narrower in the legs. This bath can take an asymmetrical space without sacrificing comfort. In addition, it corresponds to human morphology.

    Bath - Shower:

    Bathroom design - Bathroom Style

    Lovers to take a shower in the morning and evening to relax in the hot tub, you can install shower and bath in one room. Maybe you how you decide to change their habits. Then this design concept is very attractive, since it does not imply separation of the bath and shower in different rooms.

    Bathroom large size:

    Bathroom design - Bathroom Style

    Round or oval, it will allow you to relax. Rest in a tub - this moment of absolute relaxation.


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