Bathroom design - small bathroom.

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  • Small-sized bathroom.

    Design a small bathroom:

    Bathroom - a solitary place, where we begin our day and which relieves the stress in the evening. Therefore, it is important, not less than the other rooms.

    We go to the bathroom quite often and therefore its color scheme should have a minimum of comfort, but it is advisable to choose such colors that are able to lift your spirits even after a hard day's work. Decide first with the atmosphere of the bathroom - a quiet, tonic, theatrical or nostalgic - Collect and then the palette with which you work.

    Quiet Places:

    Bathroom design - small bathroom

    Soft "sweet" colors contribute to relaxation. They help for a while to forget the daily bustle. After the bath, you feel as though he had just visited the spa. These feelings cause the neutral and earthy tones.

    You can use milk - white, sleek, stone - gray. Suit and pale blue, lilac, lavender and light green color. How pleasant it is to pause, to relax after a long day.


    Bathroom design - small bathroom

    This is the realm of the family, chtyaschey tradition. Sentiment is felt in the tile colors mean luminance and invigorating texture. White towels and willow basket - the traditional (as paradoxical as it may sound), emphasizing the freshness of design.

    Its complement the wall, simulating the limestone, and the skin color of a wine glass. In the bathroom with a similar design is always a warm atmosphere.


    Bathroom design - small bathroom

    Usually it is referred to one of the fiery style. Cheerful colors energized. This design is able to lift the mood of even the most gray day. In this example, using the stencil marked yellow and pale green swirling bubbles.

    If you want to give the room a cheerful design direction, choose bright colors blended. Sunny yellow, orange fruit, optimistic pink, sparkling turquoise green and spicy will induce a smile as soon as you enter the bathroom.

    Theatrical environment:

    Bathroom design - small bathroom

    Environment brings dramatic motifs. You start the day with a strong and vibrant music. The color scheme of the bathroom so positive. The confrontation between the glowing orange walls and black lining have a strong exciting force.

    You can combine with each other crimson, fiery orange, red sensual, dark blue and bright blue. To design a bathroom - a great way to express themselves.

    Cleanliness and purity:

    Bathroom design - small bathroom

    To make the design of the bathroom in a classic style 80s, designers are advised to fully lay out the walls with white tile. This bathroom is in its design features, like retro style and modern style.

    Details of decor - neatly hung curtains - a boat, skillfully made shelf above the sink - give a certain charm atmosphere. Transparent (glass is better), shower or just a glass wall, scattering light in a special way, creating the effect of charming space.

    According to the design trends of the century can install chrome-plated faucet completely in any form. Bathroom set a therapeutic (massage), which is now in vogue, next to the sink on a thin stalk. As decoration, you can use a large Venetian mirror.


    Bathroom design - small bathroom

    Luxurious enough to cater to the Empress. This decor is pleasure in the ritual bath. And this should be done with some intoxicating fragrance or scented oil.

    Plumbing should be "Lux" and of the royal material. You get the benefit and spend wonderful moments in the bath, which is set in the wake or cheap - the sauna. In a bathroom you can, if space allows, install two sinks. Bathroom with a similar design looks very "elegant."

    Plumbing, shower, bathroom floor and the circuit should be covered with a pale marble tile, or be entirely of this material. Furniture toilet decorated with stucco, the walls are in beige and gold - yellow stripe.

    Maximizing a small bathroom:

    Bathroom design - small bathroom

    If the size of a bathroom closet, it's not hopeless. First, choose a design in solid colors that accentuate the spatial effect "razdvizheniya walls." Most popular now, pastel pink, blue and orange.

    Play with the effect produced by large mirrors. Set the mirror opposite the door, which will affect the other rooms. This technique is not new, but it is very effective. Choose not cumbersome plumbing. Bath no longer than 5 feet (162 cm), and better if you do not fanatic bathroom procedures, install shower cubicle.

    Treat yourself to a wonderful light! Well-lit room, it seems longer. The most suitable fluorescent lamps or halogen.

    Some designers believe that to get the most benefit from upgrading your bathroom by using the following solution: make it more "encroaching" on the territory of the pantry or closet. Going to be creative, you will no doubt make your bathroom more beautiful.

    Separate bathroom for two of the glass partition. Through her, the light is scattered as it were, on several levels. Due to this unique place spatial effect. His will create a stone or forged from iron sink, ceramic wall, which is just attached shell, gilded mirror, flanked by (slightly above the top edge) attached to two dim bulbs and low-key.

    It is also detract from the dimensions of the bathroom sink would be - a bowl attached to a small antique dresser. Bath must be installed in front of sinks. It is essential that the wall near which he had "located" was the most relieved of unnecessary items.

    The walls are prominent. You can decorate the bottom of their tree. Incidentally, the above-described variant of bathroom design shows creativity, rather the theatrical nature of its owner. So if you're a man of business warehouse, then you are likely to be comfortable in it not because of too "hot" design.


    Bathroom design - small bathroom

    One of the rules of modern design bathrooms - decoration should be rich. Today, popular combination of exquisite colors and fun accessories. The relevance of pure white ceiling leaves. Encouraged to design a bathroom with bright vibrant colors.

    It is not necessary to have all your accessories are brand new or expensive shops. You can efficiently use items that you liked the old decor, and it will look great. For example, use earthenware tiles of different species. You do not need to redo the entire bathroom.

    Mix the tiles of different colors and create a kaleidoscope of fun on the surface of one wall. One innovation that will make the bathroom did not look like the old. But we need to think about the accessories wastebasket, towel rack, a small bookcase. Attach to the wall dryer on the suction cup, so it can be easily removed, when you do not need.

    Consider the height of the bath. Often "forget" that it is not just sex, but the ceiling. Not necessarily the "attach" to the floor, on the contrary, the more free "sex" space, the room seem larger.

    For example, the base shelves for various items of daily goods even if not touching the surface floor. Bathroom furniture is usually chosen from a not too expensive, but durable material. For example, a perfect place for the pine.

    Do not leave anything in the sink. It is better to set the bar of soap on the suction above the sink a few inches. Everyday items to remove the goods shelves, located near the mirror.

    Serenity and minimalism:

    Bathroom design - small bathroom

    The first thing that catches the eye of the Buddha image, giving the general tone of the design. The whole room saturated with oriental composure. The forms are exempt from austerity and puritanism. Sex with such a design is usually placed in the marble slabs of ivory.

    The color scheme of the net: light soft colors on the walls, white bathroom fixtures and curtains. Lighting emphasizes the location of the veins of marble and teak wood, which does not decay, even at high humidity. Poetic detail: a rotating mirror mounted between the ceiling and the wall, creates the illusion of a window.


    Bathroom design - small bathroom

    Bathroom with a similar design combines style and functionality. On the one hand, it resembles the room, and on the other - a long closet. The room is divided into two parts. In the shower light is scattered without any restrictions.

    The walls are separated by a glass wall - panel. On one side there is a shower, on the other - washbasin and toilet. It is desirable that the floor surface was uniform.

    With this option when choosing interior colors for the ceiling and walls, pull on the white. While the tiles can be put, and gray, but not too dark, colors. The surface relief - the long rectangular tiles, laid in a staggered manner - meets modern trends.

    But do not question the relevance and retro design. Ironically, now fashionable blend of modern and "vintage" accessories. Particularly good fit in modern design retro bowl on a stem, valve and glass shelf.

    Rug in an oriental style and pine door, decorated with glass inserts, give the room a sleek, sophistication, elegance and individuality.

    Sunny yellow bathroom:

    Bathroom design - small bathroom

    To bathroom seemed flooded with sunlight, ceiling and walls need to make yellow, with elegant padded arabesques. White ceramic tile on walls and room lighting emphasize the effect of daylight.

    Bath irregular circular shape, located below the ceiling of an inclined plane, promises fun and relaxation. Complement the existing picture of a small closet or dresser with the "old" decor.


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