Bathroom design (details of design).

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  • Bathroom design (details of design).

    General information about the design of the bathroom:

    Today, a bathroom should be appealing and comfortable. To do this, if the bathroom is small, does not encroach on the space it occupies.

    For example, in the pantry. To get the most use and enjoyment of your bathroom, do it more. Let there be a separate shower, and not fastened over the bath shower.

    Bathroom design (details of design)

    Glass shower is the perfect accompaniment to the furniture of solid wood. You can install a small washroom furniture ensemble under the cup and put a flat marble tile length of 60 cm is the optimal size of the square tiles for a small room.

    The pledge of comfort - to choose a bath.

    Furniture ensemble for your bathroom should be a full-glazed ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, electrical appliances, decoration (painting, etc.). Necessary and provides space for tools. Colours, materials, lighting is everything you need to transform your bathroom.

    Bathroom design (details of design)

    Here are some tips:

    1) Coverage of select soft and natural, that all elements of the picture tiled walls and floor looked a winner, and accessories, "please be" saturated colors;

    2) The ceiling should be pale in color, because it will make the bedding colors visually superior. Are the most suitable shades of sky - blue, silver - the color green and butter;

    3) Install a tilting mirror to make it convenient to use everything, including the smallest. It is better to choose an elegant mirror frame, so it was combined with the overall style, and interior details with bleaching, especially with washbasin;

    4) To create a simple, low-key style of the bathroom, look for natural materials. For example, shale, which does not electrified, marble and various types of wood. It all depends on the overall theme of the interior.

    Bathroom design (details of design)

    Quality of installation depends not only on the general form of the figure, but the water resistance of the material. A varnished wooden flooring, which gives comfort and warmth will be a great addition to the often cold interior of a bathroom;

    5) Choose an elegant equipment. Washbasin on the leg much more attractive than a massive set of furniture for washing. A classic bath on legs with a predominance of soft curved lines represents an element of decor;

    6) Try on the size of the bathroom before buying. It should be about 162 cm in length. This space is enough to stretch my legs. Larger tubs do not have the necessary lightness. They look bulky. Although such a wonderful tub will fit into a large room.

    Bathroom design (details of design)

    Do not forget to test the corners of the support. Rest in one of them back and feel comfortable you feel. Check whether it is convenient for the head region were made (bumpers) baths. If space is limited room much, you'd better choose a bath is not long and deep.

    Think of all the solutions of decorating. Optimal use every nook and cranny. Pay special attention to the actual per capita and vannomu space, plumbing and doors.


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