Bedroom design - Rooms-stressing.

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  • Anti-stress room.


    What a luxury vacation in your room, enjoying the peace, after boiling the street ... For example, in this room, whose walls are covered with a satin pleated cotton. Fabric wallpaper, mounted on a metal curtains, hidden under a decorative border, drag across the surface of the wall.

    Bedroom design - Rooms antistress

    They reduce noise and mask the window and wall. Elegant style gives the room a freshness and comfort. If the interior is dominated by white, let it be a few shades that go well with the textures used. For example, with pastel linens, with lacquered wood or wall design.

    In this room, very little furniture. Everything is in the built-in wall closet, the door is decorated with blue glass. It is this kind of decor gives the room a soothing winter cold.

    Autumn on the top five:

    This is the time when the leaves fall and the rain. Time, when I want to come home faster, cover with a warm blanket and never come out. Time of hot coffee and grays. But autumn can live in a good mood.

    Bedroom design - Rooms antistress

    To do this, start with your bedroom and make it elegant and refined. Walls and ceiling can obtyanut quality silk. Parquet made of Brazilian mahogany with reddish sheen put a zigzag.

    Minimalism requires rigor every important detail. For example, furniture covers, you can choose from twill cotton. Nuance! Over the headboard to make a small niche for books or some knick-knacks.

    Grain fields:

    Stretch in the grain fields, and carefully consider the nature, feel it, touch it. Feel it, to bring nature into your bedroom. Fantasy? No. Furniture, wallpaper, flooring ... A wide bed on high legs, chest of drawers with carved wood. Mirror in an elegant box also made of carved wood.

    Bedroom design - Rooms antistress

    Interior room like a provincial, but it is remarkably calming and uplifting. On the smooth window curtains with a floral pattern. Doors - windows open to the hall.

    Japanese-style room:

    This is a practical room with a free, relaxed atmosphere, smooth transitions and organization throughout. In the bedroom, with a similar design is easy to relax. There are no "stimulus" and a lot of free space.

    Bedroom design - Rooms antistress

    The materials needed to use light and natural. The basis of color - pale natural tones. But the spectacular contrasts, where quite harsh opposition.


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