Bedroom design (basic requirements).

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  • Bedroom design (basic requirements).

    On the one hand, in the bedroom should not pass meeting the neighbors, on the other hand, are not acceptable to it has registered drowsiness. In general, it should not be passing and boring. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, it is better to give up TV and phone, what will prevent you from relaxing.

    Bedroom design (basic requirements)

    Remember in the bed rest! By the way, lighting greatly affects a person's ability to relax. Contributes to more complete relaxation and well-chosen color scheme.

    It must be comforting: a sky-blue, light green, pale yellow or pure white, and with additional decoration and accessories that facilitate the dynamics of (plants, lighting, etc.).

    Bedroom design (basic requirements)

    The bed should be located as far away from the door. Bedding Choose natural materials. If you need brighter lighting, install a night light on the wall directly above his head. That night, because the bright fluorescent lights are not suitable for your bedroom interior.

    And do not install the window glass.

    Bedroom design (basic requirements)

    Cleaning more than is required, it is inevitable. The ideal room - a room devoid of any clutter.

    The design environment trust your imagination: the modern (advanced furnishings, white lacquered parquet) or retro (chrome and plexiglass in the style of 60s), Asian (dark or black lacquered furniture) or Indian (colonial canopy bed, cottons and "vegetable" mat on the floor).

    A few basic rules of design, distinguished teaching of Feng Shui: Choose soft lamps for lighting, with smooth lines (try not to have peaked).

    Bedroom design (basic requirements)

    Interior room:

    Of all the rooms of the apartment bedroom more personalized. So before you take it for decoration, very clear with the style (so, what kind you want to give your room). Provincial? Modern? Minimalism? The basic elements on which the construction and style you choose - a bed, desk, wardrobe and accessories, of course, a certain color theme.

    If your room is enough "living" space, no need to clutter it with furniture that creates the atmosphere of the entire design. You get completely the opposite desired effect for a comfortable life will be missed by a few square centimeters, and even feet.

    Bedroom design (basic requirements)

    Think what cabinet you need before you buy one you like. Arrange the chairs, a table lamp for reading and ottoman foot so as to obtain a sitting area where you can relax after the daily work.

    If your room is small, no need to protect the basic furniture of the "attacks on its space" and do not necessarily use only bedding tone to a room seem larger. This is just for all, one of the most common techniques, but it is not the only one.

    Bedroom design (basic requirements)

    Set Box (s) at the base of the bed, where you can put all of that earlier housed in a cabinet. Set the mirror on the legs: it contributes to an increase in visual space and is much easier, because you see yourself in full view.

    In the bedroom you can make the yellow walls with a pink border. Get a kind of wooden furniture with a casket of ivory and gold, with curtains in stripes or a cage. Lace curtains give the wall and, consequently, the room in general, a certain majesty, solemnity.

    Bedroom design (basic requirements)

    Combining the two small rooms, you will create a comfortable. The walls are iridescent gray. This will add a room comfort and warmth of harmonizing. A fine will also be combined with the overall situation and, in particular, with a bed, covered with peak scalloped ivory. Beige rug on the floor of white oak will be the last stroke.

    The room exudes serenity and cheerfulness.

    Bedroom design (basic requirements)

    Collection of passion:

    Apartment can be decorated with a collection of paintings, which can change on a whim and desire of the owner. If you love art and want to go with the times, be guided by the design aesthetic, which will translate to the language of painting that excites the world. Then such a situation would be for you pleasure.


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