Bedroom design - color solution.

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  • Color scheme.

    Each apartment has an individual style and decor, each has a different color. In most apartments you will find, as an accessory of luxury and natural elements (such as Turkish marble and wood products).

    Bedroom design - Color solution

    Each apartment has a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. They, in turn, include appliances, electronics, furnishings, etc. All of these design elements should be combined with each other. One of the main parameters of the compatibility of a color match to the spirit of the interior.

    Cotton, linen, silk, organdy, tissue can enumerate a long time. Matter for an apartment - it's not just a necessary element of the interior, but also the object of pleasure. Dress your bed so that she was soft and velvety (often achieve this effect is due to the rug or a quilt that covers the bed).

    Bedroom design - Color solution

    Currently fashionable pile of pillows. They may be in the Italian style (40H70 cm), U.S. (50x70 cm) and European (65H65 cm). It is believed that if the bed is a few pillows, there is a calming effect. Choose a bag of nice to the touch fabrics. For example, cotton, silk.

    Life in pink:

    It is known that soft pink soothing feeling. Typically, designers choose two color nuance. One of them may be pinkish-orange to winning bed and looked dark wood chest of drawers.

    Bedroom design - Color solution

    Niche, emphasizing the contrast border, can visually lengthen the bookcase, which serves as TV stand. The interior of this room is full of Italian motifs. If you want to constantly get from my room charge of energy, the simplest and most effective option - make it a live pink.

    Bedroom design - Color solution

    The main thing in this decorating a room - your imagination and color. Walls, all accessories tempting to think that living here is bright and energetic nature. In such a room would look good furniture made of lacquered pine. But at this saturation, it must be maintained in a simple, even austere style.

    White suite:

    White, camellias, fully submits to your imagination. With a white you can do and match almost everything. In this case no damage to a bedroom and you will not put. It can be easy and at the same time rich, romantic and innocent, majestic, smooth and dynamic.

    Using heavy materials and textures, select the white color. It will give the room intimacy and tenderness. With this you can use different combinations of shades of white. Particularly successful combination of different tissue types and levels of smoothness, roughness and relief. You can use the opposition matte - glossy.

    Bedroom design - Color solution

    Velvet cotton in the bottom of the room, and furniture covers of corrugated cotton give the room an atmosphere of solemnity, not denying it with comfort. Flowing waves of lace curtains, creating the effect of columns emphasize the thematic center of the room - the bed.

    Perfectly suited to the white interior of Persian carpets and flooring walnut with reddish or reddish-brown sheen.

    Bedroom design - Color solution

    Often, designing white design, choose two shades. For example, white-gray and ivory. And make out in the range of ceiling and walls. Acting otherwise, using a pure white color, you can give a room a kind of boredom (it will be too monotonous), and extra cold.

    However, do not overdo it with gray, otherwise the bedroom is too dark, overwhelming.


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