Design of the apartment - Choosing furniture.

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  • Choosing furniture.

    For the purchase of furniture for the living room often spend a large sum of money. But how to be sure that the purchase of high quality and meet your needs?

    Design of the apartment - Choosing furniture

    Hall is one of the most important rooms in the apartment. Sofa and chairs in it attracting the most attention. In their first purchase, usually try to choose the most notes will be a one-piece ensemble, or items not related to each other.

    Furniture ensemble, on the one hand, are usually less expensive pleasure than the composition of individual objects, but on the other, its harder to change if necessary when decorating the apartment.

    Before making any decision, consider the following options.

    Design of the apartment - Choosing furniture


    Decide what size furniture you want. Even if this seems obvious, remember that the room in which furniture is photographed, shown in magazines, are enormous. Accordingly, it is very easy to be deceived in accordance with the dimensions of objects seen your room. Estimate the proportion of height and depth of functionality of the furniture. From this assessment will depend style living room.

    Design of the apartment - Choosing furniture


    The structure of the furniture is of great importance, especially if you intend to use it for a long time. It should be of hard wood. All items must be securely fastened to each other, svincheny and glued. Preferable to buy furniture made of pressed beech, and are best avoided metal and plastic structures that are less durable.

    Design of the apartment - Choosing furniture


    There are many materials with which to build furniture: wood, glass, Cowhide leather, microfiber, etc.


    From this material can be many variants of one model. Most are now using wood fiber, formed into boards using a hot press. In addition, teak wood, for example, is not subject to rot. This exotic hardwood. It is very resistant to moisture.

    Design of the apartment - Choosing furniture


    Cooled after heating to the melting point, tempered glass - the material for the manufacturers of the fetish-tables. It is very durable (will never crack.) In use in the manufacture of lead Cowhide leather sofas, because it is very simple and practical in application. Among families with children and animals are becoming increasingly popular microfiber sofas.

    Design of the apartment - Choosing furniture

    How to choose the right model:

    A wide range of furniture models meet the expectations of even the most discerning buyer. We try to choose those that meet our requirements and aesthetic views. But what is the new furniture will be in use?

    The first question that comes to mind concerns the destination is usually chosen furniture. For example, if you think that the sofa should be the bed, it is necessary that this ball sofa bed. Otherwise, it will last much less than you expect.

    Second, how much space it will have to sacrifice? The dimensions of the future canapes depend, of course, on whether the space that you select for it. If the room is tight, choose a nice mini-sofa, which will not burden the environment.

    If you are not experiencing a lack of space, install a large model. Put it in a corner or in the European manner, in the middle of the room.


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