Design of the apartment - Features small apartments.

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  • Features small apartments.

    A few rules most favorable design for small apartments:

    With a sharp jump in property prices has increased the popularity of small apartments. Accordingly, the designers the question arises as to how to make small apartments more comfortable and totally outdated. Leave the dream of the size, let me turn to your style with the fullness.

    Rule number 1.

    Design of the apartment - Features small-sized apartments

    Improved environment. Glass and mirrors accentuate the spatial effekt.Sekret design: an increase in "negative space", ie, voids in mebliruemyh rooms. Choose more seats on the legs, not with "skirts", add the glass objects and those that reflect light (mirrors, crystals, silver). This is a great way to visually enlarge the space.

    Rule number 2.

    Design of the apartment - Features small-sized apartments

    A well-designed furnishings greatly increases the possibility of a small area. Currently, one room is credited with many more features than ever before. For example, it is possible to create a "plot" for the guests or the workplace.

    The library put the bed to the day they can make a few people to argue with them over a game of chess or reading, sprawled in his pleasure. As the evening - to lure his pillow and comfortable bed.

    Rule number 3.

    Design of the apartment - Features small-sized apartments

    The palette of one color - and everything seems bigger. The lack of strong contrasts (such as the opposition of black and white) also allows to visually enlarge the perimeter of the room. Stone of two layers of different shades of one color with carved relief depicting possible, on the one hand, nor without the help of light, of course, vary the textures and make sensible and, on the other, to create a relaxing atmosphere.

    Rule number 4.

    Design of the apartment - Features small-sized apartments

    Built-in furniture and system modeling. Such a system is set mostly in a small room. Flush in wall unit furniture or would use all the space from floor to ceiling. If you choose other than the main floor covering for the workplace, you can easily separate the space without losing even a square inch.

    Optimization of space due to the multifunctional furniture:


    - Repetition. Low table with curved legs, which "grows" in the hour of rest or going to create a dining table.

    - Retractable chair (chair bed). They take up less space and to easily move from one corner to another.

    - The sliding bed. Superpraktichna, especially when you invite guests "with an overnight stay."


    - Sofa (split into parts) with handles, has limited capabilities of the device. Models without a pen or other similar easier to arrange the room and, yes, it's easier to move in the elevator.

    - Do not place anything in the center. It is often used in the design of kitchens, but also in the halls and classrooms. It is better to choose furniture, fitted with wheels that can be placed near the wall and use as needed.

    - Do not leave the cluttered desk. After a performance in the workplace often comes complete chaos. However, the room you need for an entirely different occupation. Does not work. To change the atmosphere in the room, set the original wardrobe, mounted in a wall.

    Its doors closing, will hide workbooks, papers, case (boxes themselves with the good and can be built into the wall).


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