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  • Design styles apartment.

    Classic interiors often look bleak and harsh, contemporary rooms may seem uncomfortable, for example, because of sophistic sofa. Decide to revise the design of their homes, and you have an unexpected effect. How to create a welcoming and warm environment in the classical style?

    Design of the apartment - style design apartment

    It is much easier than you might:

    1) Vary the proportions. On the one hand, we know that a good classical interior is based on femininity, colors, printed fabrics and delicate situation. On the other hand, there is the opposite view - like the interior of "saturated" maleness, it is massive furniture in which the details are key.

    To bring in your new, classic design, whether it is made according to the first or second point of view, all the mix. Connect the size and comfort of the couch, "crazy" and the majestic strokes of color or a large tile with a feminine figure. Cover enamel elements dkora "masculine" furniture.

    Design of the apartment - style design apartment

    2) Create light effects. You may use the built-in light glare, which is combined with a classic design. Some light is capable of performing a function - to illuminate. But this is a few people interested.

    Not all of the decor, is present in the old rooms, gloomy. Specially chosen lighting, associated with decorative table lamps, chandeliers and lamps, appliques, creates a soft light glow on the white material and details of architecture.

    Design of the apartment - style design apartment

    3) Play with flowers. To become flat look fresh, but fully retained its structure, forget the rules on flowers. A well-known decorator Billy Baldwin preferred glossy chestnut walls with insets of ivory. In this design situation looks like today, though defined by traditional forms.

    4) Make a rearrangement of furniture. Furniture should be a promising trend. It could be a cascade of light, or "filtered" line of passing, for example, through the decorative foliage. Dating back to the fire just like to complement the walls, try not to allocate seats in front of him strictly because it will produce a lifeless track.

    Design of the apartment - style design apartment

    Another unexpected trick: increase the number of non-traditional furniture. Place the high chair and a number of "fat" pouf or buy a big armchair with a good footrest to equip the corner for the rest. Small stools in Africa or eastern style tables will enliven the situation.

    5) Play the absence of color. For example, white on white. A similar type of situation takes hold. Particularly noticeable is the desired effect if the other room to make a contrast. Reduce the appearance of the windows. Install trim and not bulky curtain elegant metal cornice. The most important thing - remove windows with curtains made of heavy fabric.

    Design of the apartment - style design apartment

    6) Do not be afraid to paint. Paint saturated pastels. Take a seat in the dining room with dark blue or shocking pink walls. Amazement guaranteed. If the room is well lit, choose a dark color. Strict colors create intriguing, and their background will be successfully allocated furniture bright colors.

    7) Mix fabric. Angelo Dong was the first to use a fabric inlay. In the 70's in the flats with a classic design for the upholstery of chairs and sofas, he used a gray and blue striped flannel, oxford and serape. Using as cashmere, terry cloth, poplin slim kid and the chromatic scale, he soaked a space housing a sensational time in comfort.

    Design of the apartment - style design apartment

    8) Show your wealth. The original collection from the first time will produce a magic effect. For example? In principle, this can be anything - even a collection of bottles of hot sauces, but they must be from different countries.

    9) Do not forget about the technology.

    Design of the apartment - style design apartment

    Provencal style:

    Impressionists glorified their unique lighting effects and "singing" of color. Designers often use their style to create a comfortable interior for life. Provencal style brings sunshine into the house.


    The basis of color are often neutral: The walls and floor are decorated in gray, white, reddish-brown and mustard. But uses a lot of decorative accessories and lavender, orange, yellow, dark blue and green. If the combination of colors classic - yellow and blue - you can use ivory, red, green, gold.

    Design of the apartment - style design apartment

    Walls and floors:

    "It is not hidden," the bar, low ceilings, walls, richly decorated in warm colors, decorative friezes - elements of Provencal style. Paul covers a mosaic of concrete and terracotta tiles, burnt brick. Marble and ceramic tile can also be used in a Provencal style. The wooden floor can be painted white or covered with oriental carpet.


    The basis of this style - gorgeous cotton printed fabrics (Indian or Turkish). Using the technique as Impressionism, Provençal artisans have created a large number of rural and flower motifs, while retaining some of the oriental features. Their base color are: red madder, indigo and yellow hues. At present, this style is used, and geometric shapes.

    Design of the apartment - style design apartment


    Many modern designers, shakers, creating a style once again incarnated in puritanical form and function objects. Today, it symbolizes perfection and traditionalism, and introduces notes of peace, both in urban and in a country house.

    Each subject to chance. Shakers believe that the work proposed by the divine power and that God honors its perfection. Another motif: each object in the house must have a specific function. Simplicity here - this way. Everything that has a purely decorative value - it is useless.


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