Apartment design (basic requirements).

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  • Apartment design (basic requirements).

    During the renovation, and, especially, when re-planning, think through the interior of the apartment, not only in terms of its conformity with the tastes of the owners, but also the spirit of modern architectural trends: designer decor, typing (mahogany doors with glass inserts, flooring), kitchen - American with an island in the center, etc.

    Apartment design (basic requirements)

    To meet modern standards flat, it must be fully equipped with appropriate technology (microwave, dishwasher, etc.). It is now one of the indicators of modern design are: TV with LCD screen and home theater.

    Lodging in Finnish style mainly intended for everyday needs of people, it is rarely designed for receptions or parties. Design objects practical. Scandinavian aesthetics - bright colors, simple shapes and modern designs. All elements of apartments designed and registered.

    Apartment design (basic requirements)

    What makes a comfortable apartment? Its architecture and design, a combination of the geometry of space and color, properly chosen lighting. These parameters should be a priority when creating a new "look" of your apartment. In addition, some choose the interior, so that the apartment was never short of space? Avi Friedman, a famous architect advised to adhere to two things: pragmatism and diversity.

    There is a conflict between our views and the changing environment of the flat where we live. We buy housing that meets the needs of the moment. But the problem is that these needs change. We have to move.

    Apartment design (basic requirements)

    However, everything will be much easier if the housing will be "fit" to suit your desires (if the apartment is, of course, no one room, although here, too, may be possible). When there are children who need more room, so it is desirable that the housing could transform not only "qualitatively and quantitatively."

    You want your apartment was modern, but the love of a bygone era? Choose a design retro. For example, in the style of 80s. This time, warm colors, high ceilings, carefully decorated windows. Minimalism, neomodernizm and functionalism, the most frequently used words by modern designers, refer to the already once embodied ideas. An effect of déjà-vu.

    Apartment design (basic requirements)

    Basic principles neomodernizma: free space, contributing to the smooth distribution of light, based on various smooth transition from one to another (colors, forms, etc.), homogeneous surfaces, and not very bright colors, the refusal of the cluster objects.

    Design of the apartment, your pet and you.

    Do you like decor? That's good. Do you like cute animals? Even better. Here are just a pet - the cause of the lack of integrity in the apartment. Most likely, the cleaning takes you much longer than people in non-domestic animals. And if you really look at things, you become a kind of hostage to maintain order.

    Apartment design (basic requirements)

    As usual the host animal's normal to be successful - to come to terms with her beloved pet and arrange an apartment as you want. Of course, your budget a serious test: the floor, covered with ceramic tiles (it is well washed), covers for furniture (they can be easily changed), washable wallpaper.

    Although it is not enough. To save the decor, the owner of the animal can not do without tricks. The easiest way to cover a sofa draped (in case you want to soak up the favorite of the host's couch), on a chair to lay out something, such as magazines, that they interfered with puppies snuggle in it to sleep, leave the door towel - to wipe paws after walking in the rain weather, etc.

    The toilet and bathroom should always be dry, otherwise the cat will prefer to quench their thirst there, but not from his bowl. Thus, to create a comfortable environment for your pet while living in the apartment, which is like, you must have a "replacement" design.


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