Kitchen Design - Your unique cuisine.

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  • Your unique cuisine.

    Like a small apartment in an apartment with a corner door and a wide window. And yet, it is a beautiful and good cooking. The hosts were looking for European style, without the high cabinets with shelves arranged on the dishes.

    Kitchen Design - Your unique cuisine

    This functional model, where everything is at arm's length. By reducing the height of the window, it can be installed under the sink and working table for the entire length of the wall, making the kitchen more practical and visually lengthen it.

    Key Features:

    - Partition, which is almost totally isolate the kitchen from the rest of the apartment;
    - Extended the space used to the maximum;
    - Top light bulbs - the main source of light in the dark.

    All of the cherry tree:

    Kitchen Design - Your unique cuisine

    Interesting ceiling in a wooden box delineates the kitchen space. And he and all the cabinets are made of cherry wood. The overall design of the kitchen can be described as restrained.

    Furniture ensemble in its central part divides the room into two parts: for the everyday worries and into a zone where you can enjoy a cooked meal. Parquet better lay of the oak tree, on the diagonal. The window can be set to "frosty" glass, "the keeper of intimacy."

    North simplicity:

    Kitchen Design - Your unique cuisine

    This is a triumph of simplicity and warm minimalism, which is formed by the structure of teak. The idea is fixed in the selection of accessories made from natural materials: ceramic vases, wooden trays, textile products.

    Simplicity is not synonymous with ease, it is even opposed to that type environment, dominated by severe and general monotony. It is a balanced appeal forms. Metallic luster hood and lit stove with dark granite complement the established strict, but are identical design.


    Kitchen Design - Your unique cuisine

    Charm today. This is mostly serve whites and a hint of retro style. The small space, clean and bright kitchen offers everything you need for cooking various dishes. In addition, there is enough space to place equipment and tools for the job.

    To revive the traditional style, to make it match modern tastes, designers are advised to choose furniture made of varnished pine floor covered with black granite, sink and faucet set of stainless steel.

    Especially beautiful in design will look like glass doors. Soft lighting creates with halogen lamps.


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