Kitchen Design - Design a small kitchen.

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  • Design a small kitchen.

    Practical ideas in love with designer details:

    Kitchen Design - Design a small kitchen

    This small, almost square kitchen 7 m2. But here is almost everything. The ingenuity lies in the placement of kitchen utensils, more precisely, its invisible location. Lack of space - a problem that we face quite often.

    To solve it efficiently, you need to know how to use their observations. Here we have used glass mirror, with the prospect of cheating, and small-cell boxes in which you can put everything you need for the kitchen, after this "all" grouping.

    Kitchen Design - Design a small kitchen

    On the wall of windows installed along the horizontal shelves. They are made in the form of interconnected tubes in chromed metal. These shelves, again, frees up space and look very elegant.

    In the evening, as in the theater, all sparkle and reflect light. The partition separating the kitchen and lounge, also allows you to "play" with the prospect of creating two, distanced from each other zone without violating the original kitchen and visualization effectively maintaining its extraordinary functionality.

    This kitchen is for those who hate the mess.

    Kitchen Design - Design a small kitchen

    In its basis - cupboard with glass shelves and interior lighting method. Plate and a cutting table installed so that during cooking, the cook can enjoy the view from the window.

    The wall, which is located by the sink, full mirror. A similar game with the prospect extends the space. In one corner, and in such distress it is often used badly installed mobile "column." It is unobtrusive, but incredibly useful.

    In addition, recessed lighting and revolving around its axis door - fashion trends of contemporary design art.


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