Kitchen Design (subtlety of modern design).

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  • Kitchen Design (subtlety of modern design).

    Perfect Lighting:

    Kitchen Design (subtlety of modern design)

    Natural style, sharp geometric lines, the rational situation would not be completely harmonious, if not soften their coverage forms. It is used as a decorative element that can create contrast and to place graphic accents.

    To achieve this, it is necessary to increase the number of reflecting surfaces. For example, doors with stained glass leaves light undertones on various subjects, bringing to design the whole interior of a room a certain intrigue.

    In the cabinet can be mounted chrome metal plates, which will create a "diamond" effect. The ceiling, decorated with many small glowing light bulbs, will resemble a starry sky.


    Kitchen Design (subtlety of modern design)

    Sometimes designers organize the kitchen as a place to work. All the "action" takes place around a central "island". On one side of the table stands a bookcase for cookbooks and decorative items, on the other - developed area, equipped for cooking.

    It is indispensable white lacquered casing with subtle gray tones. Surface of the table, designed for kitchen work, covered with shiny black skin.

    You can install a small ceramic pilasters, which will reflect light. For this purpose the doors of lockers may with the inserts "Winterhoof" glass. Refrigerator "mask" in the spirit of the overall design.

    Ethnic motives:

    Kitchen Design (subtlety of modern design)

    Sometimes the design is an allusion to anything of value to the host kitchen. For example, if you are fond of Eastern culture, it is possible to recreate the interior of the room elements characteristic, design, east of the country. In this example, it is Iran.

    It seamlessly combines western technology and eastern decor: high gas kitchen, large refrigerator, stainless steel and family heirlooms (painted plates, hand-candlestick, elaborate metal tray, photo mat).

    Kitchen Design (subtlety of modern design)

    With this design, you can install two types of lighting. First, the traditional: a chandelier in the center of the kitchen (only it should not be classical, and ethnic, that the harmony of decorative elements to be complete). Second, the modern: a ceiling-mounted in a small light bulb.

    Place them on a dark lacquered furniture from her to reflect light.


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