Kitchen Design - Modern Woman.

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    Japanese-style cuisine:

    Kitchen Design - Modern Woman

    Located between two walls, the kitchen lacks "air space". French designer Jean-Daniel Pilon chose the open side of the room (for rest) and set a dividing wall-mart.

    Wishing to give the kitchen features a Japanese design, he applied for her decorating canvas (you can use other hard material). The frame itself is better to make the partition of temnostvolnoy Canadian birch. In general, the design will look good steel appliances and hood of a dark ceramic tile.

    Designed in a similar style is strict, but there are always accessories. And this room is no exception. The main thing is not to overdo it. For example, perfectly complement the current picture will be bamboo, set in a bright monochromatic vase.

    This design provides for a soothing but all needs. During the preparation of various dishes and you can work - a small window in front of the workplace: a bedside table, desk and office chair on wheels. Truly a Japanese utility.

    Return 50s:

    Kitchen Design - Modern Woman

    A distinctive feature of European interiors 50s - a table in the middle of the kitchen. Refrigerator, sink, stove and hood, all should be in the spirit of those years. Sam "island" is an old desk, one of which is assigned to kitchen work, while the other is the dining.

    However, to be able to implement such a design, you need a fairly large area of ​​the room. A sink for washing dishes preferably positioned near the window. Crane, in comparison with fashion today, is quite high.

    Particular attention is paid to design in such a cabinet. It must be of excellent quality and is decorated with a few more intense than all the other furnishings. It is a case (or cases) to bring finality style cuisine.

    Preferable assembly models, and booked you in person. First, you will have to arrange everything in its design, and, secondly, it will reduce costs. The design of the kitchen 50s all the decorative items must be well thought out, even those that are almost invisible.

    Kitchen Design - Modern Woman

    All who love Quebec and Belgium, will be an excellent feel in the kitchen with a similar design. The main thing that you allowed such an interior space (it should not be small).

    The main thing in it - the natural colors and natural materials. Asymmetric cabinets made of maple. As decoration on them suffered strokes. Frame box - cherry wood and the floor of the shale. Stainless steel give the interior a modern look, sleek lines and develop the imagination.

    Form of a lunch counter, the designers wanted to give the boat bends. In stools, to create a whole ensemble with the stand, also dominated by soft curved lines.


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