Designed by a child's room - Room dreams of your child.

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  • Dream your child's room.

    Create a design to a child's room, so that eventually she became not only cute, but comfortable for the child.

    Designed by a child's room - Room dreams of your child

    Room baby:

    It should be soft, snug and safe. Consider an interesting variation from the cradle: a set of bells, flashing lights, bright colors. The best thing is to choose the transforming bed, which will "grow" with your child.

    We have to be crib bumpers to protect the child from rolling minor difficulties. Easily replaced or can choose to restructure according to the needs of the child accessories. Most babies do not see no color, no contrast. Then, closer to four months, they are distinguished first red.

    But do not the colors of a child's room to give preference to him. It is better to create interesting objects from the more delicate flowers. You can choose the color and layout to create a wall geometric motifs. It is also interesting to work with different colors on the ceiling, as this place is most often studied from the cradle.

    Designed by a child's room - Room dreams of your child

    In the colors of a child's room is used less and less traditional colors bedding, as well as pink for girls and blue - for boys. Now the fashion details: pink-orange, turquoise, milky-yellow and purple-blue. In a room with wooden furniture are allowed a bit more dark colors: medium deep blue, ocher yellow, green apple.

    Boys and girls aged three to eight years:

    Their rooms express the dreams and passions. So how to organize this space? Tonic and tonal colors, stars, moon, clouds and birds, sweet teddy bears, cars and airplanes.

    For example, children will not be bored in the room, which is drawn along the perimeter road with trucks and passenger cars. For such spirited design of all child was the main topic covered in the beds of children.

    Designed by a child's room - Room dreams of your child

    Pull-out beds were divided so that each child has the opportunity to use space of the room as he was comfortable. Distinctive flags on the windows and curtains on the doors perfectly complement the current picture. There are several basic principles of organization of the interior nursery.


    They give the room its originality. Girls love to not only pink, but purple and pale green. The boys are sensitive to blue, which creates an excellent basis for a game with the main color scheme. Citrus yellow, bright blue, and orange give the new force, but do not suppress the note.

    Choose a light, preferably washable or give the child "canvas" to paint or paper. Otherwise, the interior rooms will be added unexpected details of decor. Do not be afraid to paint the walls or contrasting colors to add spots: for example, or plank interior cushion even the biggest will be bright red, but nothing else in the room is not red.

    Designed by a child's room - Room dreams of your child

    But do not hang in the children's posters. For example, a person with a spider. And, moreover, do not paint such a subject walls, because maybe in a few months now so beloved character will not cause violent emotions.


    It is a priority. It should be a good mattress (a really good serve ten years) and large enough to last for several years. The bed should have its own character. Neither girl could not refuse to lie down in bed with a canopy.

    In addition, this design element can vary depending on the mood of the child. Moreover, it is easy to remove when the child gets older. Bed, in harmony with the walls makes the space visually room more open.

    Designed by a child's room - Room dreams of your child

    A bed, a duplicate image of the interior, also an excellent solution. If the interior - a pirate ship, then make a bed in the form of one of its cabins. Thus, it is no longer just a place to relax, but also for the game.

    That the room was always neat:

    There are several things you can get from the rearrangement of furniture the greatest benefit at the lowest cost. Need to start cleaning the closet and a box of toys, not to leave these trifles "for later" when there will be only one desire - to rest.

    As mentioned above, make a bed, pull-boxes on wheels. This way you will win a few square meters. This effect you'll get if and locker for school supplies, books and magazines will put a child's desk (it should also be on wheels).

    Designed by a child's room - Room dreams of your child

    Fasten the door hooks and graceful story on them a handbag - the shutter to collect it in toys or clothes. Finally, in the hanging hammock, located between the bed and the cabinet can be folded completely prevent all the toys. This hammock hang at the head of your offspring, or slightly higher, but the child could easily reach it.

    Safety and comfort:

    Children should be able to play alone in my room and it does not depend on their age. But it must be kept under strict surveillance, and some precautions. Do not place furniture small size (in which a child can climb up) the window.

    To avoid falls, do not arrange the toys and other items of daily articles on anything higher. If you use a chest or box, make sure that the lid is not slammed, but was fixed in one position. On the drawers and closets should be heck.

    Designed by a child's room - Room dreams of your child


    the ideal temperature of 20 degrees. In winter, use the electric convector, and summer - air conditioning. When the unit heats up, the child can get burned on it. No need to warn a child - during the game he is able to run into him accidentally. Simply place the heater is designed for taller the ceiling, where the child just does not climb.

    Decorate a room together:

    When you are good to evaluate your needs and budget, and find something from which you will push off in the decoration. First of all - do not run to buy three gallons of paint your favorite color. First, develop a plan along the entire interior.

    First, find the best curtains or bedspread for the bed, painted strips of paper or poster that you be inspired: much easier to pick colors for curtains or already purchased the picture, not vice versa.

    Designed by a child's room - Room dreams of your child

    Drawing on the wall:

    There is a great way to reduce the cost of cosmetic repairs, but to achieve maximum results while - at the expense of wall murals. Section of the wall, you're going to decorate, mentally divide like a chessboard, into squares.

    Bring them to the main elements. Pre dekalkirovanie do dashed movements in chalk or pencil. A lover of the experiments can draw at once, directly on the wall. Between the child will be able to insert each of your own pattern - for example, hand print, etc.

    There is also a screen technology. It further facilitates the task. You just need to acquire the necessary templates. They have to suit every taste in entertainment stores. You child can use them to "prettification" walls, furniture and doors.

    Designed by a child's room - Room dreams of your child

    However decorate the window:

    This technique makes it easy to decorate the window and wall. The child chooses a picture that he wants to play: colorable page, your favorite hero or his own "creation" in which he is proud.

    The next step is outlined with the contours of the model. At the same black paint used for painting, gold or silver. Draw a thin-tipped sharp strokes. Wait about two hours to paint has dried.

    The inner part of the picture entrust with the stencil to decorate your child. Leave the paint to dry for 24 hours, and then gently off.


    Today, designers are able to select the desired type of lighting to a particular style of the room. Each room in the house of their own, specific, lighting. In the nursery, it should be soft and relaxing, but bright enough to read.

    Direct illumination:

    Designed by a child's room - Direct Lighting

    Completely covers the surface. Create a contrast, highlighting the shape of objects. Examples: spotlight, table lamp, ceiling lamp.

    Indirect lighting:

    Children's Room Design - Indirect lighting

    Flow of light source is attached to a wall or ceiling. Reflects light in a circle. With such a light color walls and the ceiling will seem "cleaner". Examples: halide lamp, wall lamp.

    Stray light:

    Designed by a child's room - scattered light

    The light is scattered by the 360, which allows to cover all space of the room. Rays of light diverge as a rule, seeping through a polished opal glass, frosted or more translucent. Examples: chandelier, ball-shaped light source, a fluorescent lamp.

    Coverage of mixed type:

    Children's Room Design - Lighting mixed

    Meets illumination comprises three simultaneous light scattering method: up, down and translucent rays in hand. Examples: reading lamps, overhead lights in the headboard or shade.


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