Children's room design (practical children's room).

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  • Children's room design (practical children's room).

    Child's room. The one where we love and cherish lull their babies, see them smiling angels. Room, where they erected a beautiful princesses and castles with warriors, open interesting adventure books.

    Children's room design (practical children's room)

    In this room, we parse the mountain of toys and books that treat their small wounds and teach in a school notebook draw their names. So, Sunday afternoon you are going to create from a simple child's room, a room with a fantastic decor.

    Do not forget to weigh the possibility of a good children's spaces: an appropriate furnishings, it means spending time, as well as his and your tastes, light sources and their location, age of the child and, of course, budget.

    Children's room design (practical children's room)

    The main rule of child improvement should take place under the major phases of child development. Thus, the baby's room will correspond to the interests of more parents atmosphere here is often delicate and quiet, and comfortable space to lull the undead and crumbs.

    Further, at the age of the child from one to two years in a room often needs to be changed. Toys in the children no longer have to be piled on each other. You have to think about how to optimize space, the new interior was a winner.

    Children's room design (practical children's room)

    At the age of five years before the "arrival" in the school (especially if your child starts to learn from six years old) just need a small work area. In this age of the child tastes are becoming more and more apparent, and he might want, he participated in the design room.

    Finally, pre-adolescent, about 10-11 years old, your tastes or your son's little girl will not look like yours. The child wants to remove everything that says it's too childish and wants to be fashionable! Accordingly, the time comes (and it will come very quickly), when the room is filled with paintings and portraits of idols or other hot imagery.

    Children's room design (practical children's room)

    No matter what age your children the golden rule is: do not overload your child's room decor elements, he does it himself. Leave him to the corner where he will be able to personalize their space, such as drawing pictures or pictures of shadows, the fact that he likes. You enjoy a practical placement of items that will look good in the overall decor.

    Direct the child in order:

    How to repair your child's room. Room for children or teenagers do not always correspond to our organization of space and light. The kids can not live without spreading clothing, toys, and all other unidentified objects.

    Children's room design (practical children's room)

    This issue affects all families, your community is no exception. Do not despair. Maybe a few personalize their room, and reorganizing the space in it, baby nursery will only get better. Here are some tips to adapt the room according to the nature of the child and fashion (in fact, as we know it also makes its own rules).

    Before you buy a bulky chest of drawers to add to it everything, try to imagine a space more children globally. Sometimes a more inventive interiors, focusing on some mythical energy levels than try to "cram" all the ideas in furniture alone.

    Children's room design (practical children's room)

    If the room your child's high ceiling, it is appropriate to acquire a high bed or couch, that: firstly, visually increase the height of the ceiling, and secondly, to unload space of the room, and thirdly, the child becomes much more interesting in the children, where one part of a double ceiling. Finally, hang on the door or curtain fabric pouch, where the child will be able to put school supplies.

    Two brothers, very dynamic and playful at the age of three to six years. They share one room, where frank and, perhaps, allow themselves a little (or a lot) naughty bedtime. To send this natural energy in the "peaceful track," interior designers are advised to focus on the tranquil and soft colors. For example, a well-blended green, blue and caramel. These colors are set up on vacation.

    The symmetry of the basis of two sisters in a room 4 6letnego age. You have two daughters, who like almost the same thing, living in one room, but is constantly trying to stand in front of one another. What should I do? The individuality of each baby will be reflected in color.

    Children's room design (practical children's room)

    For example, one likes blue, and various accessories with images of cute girls, while the other likes pink and decor items from children playing with flowers. So, from one room you can do two, without partitions and curtains that can not be the winners. Just one half of the children decorate accordingly taste one, and another - on the other.

    Do not hesitate to consult with your child. In the end - all this to live in this room, not you. Last, place the bed on the borders of the sisters of their possessions (next to each other), so before bedtime, they could posekretnichat enough.

    Mademoiselle is growing:

    Room young lady more than she does not fit. The color scheme and decorative elements are designed for very young, and her chest of drawers bed as small. Moreover, the daughter really needs to work his corner.

    Children's room design (practical children's room)

    Everything has changed: wall, ceiling, floor and wall cupboard, lighting, window, everything. More and more, move some items, and the newly revised space to be able to organize the workplace girls.

    Antique wall cabinet, which was an overture to her growing up, now conceals a desk, shelves, and so recently loved ones pictures. A few light bulbs that are built into the ceiling, a few glued over a desk and a lamp support is soft need now - a student.

    When put in order the working area, often use warm colors or mixed hot and cold, as they are most encouraged to be active. Cool colors also relax and cause drowsiness. It is believed that yellow stimulates memory and attention, helps to calm the mind blue, green, compared with a balance of red and activates all the senses.

    Children's room design (practical children's room)

    The situation can tell a lot about the development of the adolescent. At this age need a couch already, and not the bed. It saves space of the room. Besides, where else should be hidden away a mattress - for friends.

    Wooden shelving is required for the content of the books in order, in fact, now it is necessary and walk-in closet. As then, the girl will grow up, it will be added new shelves. Finally, the carpet, almost the size of the room, give way to the parquet and the blinds will be replaced by blinds.

    Room organized by the child:

    Children's room design (practical children's room)

    Solid, no frills, and accurate registration of the room helps you to relax and, when needed, quick energy boost for business. This is true for children's rooms, where children live totally different ages.

    How to help your child of all organized in his bedroom? The interior in the plan according to the phases of child development. This approach is applicable not only for teen rooms, but quite another crumbs.

    Keep some toys in a plastic or wooden chest. It is not only convenient, but now is also very fashionable. Choose a roomy trunk and sturdy, designed for children's games. Do not fill it to overflowing. If it's too hard, the children will not be able to move it.

    However, if you have a lot of things that do not have their place, use a little better locker rooms do not clutter the space. Just for toys and clothes are often used retractable drawers are located under the bed.

    Children's room design (practical children's room)

    If the child's bed or large toys and clothes are not very many, you totally do not need different cabinets, drawers, shelves and bookcases. Make sure to attract your child to clean his room. It will feel like he belongs to the entire proceeding, which means that it will carefully maintain order in her room (at least for the first time exactly).

    Dispose of all unnecessary! Remove the clothes that he no longer fits. Suppose, if you have a family some children, it is the youngest child, or even give it to someone. But leave those things which he wore at least once a year. Do not store in the children's seasonal items.

    Reconstruction of the child:

    Divide the room into different sections, respectively, the activity of the child. Each "zone" according to equip its functions. For small to be playing and sleeping part. A child older than these, the zone should be for work and leisure.

    Set in the locker room is easily transformed system, which can be adapted to the needs of the child as it grows. Create a so-called "box" memory. This can be cardboard or plastic box, similar to the one used in offices. In it you carefully save the children of your little treasures: paintings, crafts, writing.

    Children's room design (practical children's room)

    Consider different areas of activity. For a child's room is not just a place where he sleeps. This often is where he "hides" to play, read or learn. Create a room in an interior that can easily be reorganized as the child grows. With carefully choose the basic elements such as a bed and desk.

    Do not choose too expensive furniture, it is preferable to invest in a classic interior, which already can be transformed with the decor in any other. Now there are quite a number of different accessories, to create something unusual from the traditional one.

    A new trend in design art is based on a combination of two opposite things: "razrisovyvanii" a child's room and its equipment "adult furniture" (eg, a large bed or a sofa). Often used in the design of children's funny decorative elements. But they must be combined with the basic functions of the room, well, child's imagination and, of course.

    Children's room design (practical children's room)

    Here are a few tricks to save time and money. Choose a main theme of the room with the child. Identify with the accents, colors, choose his heroes. The child has any collections? Or does he play sports? Perhaps it is these interests and will be your "starting point".

    Choose bedding and curtains in front of "of painting" the room. It is always easier to find the color scheme for painting than for her to choose a harmonious shades. These children's room are well represented in various design brochures.

    You do not need to choose their own curtains, in such print publications you can stumble upon interesting for a theme or motive. If the kids are like some shades of color, but their tastes are changing rapidly, it is better to stay in neutral colors, not only for walls, but most of the accessories.

    Moreover, some colors such as red, when it is used on large surfaces, may be too active for a child's room. But if your child likes this color, leave neutral colors for accessories.


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